Life in Your Twenties

Life. happens. fast. I remember swinging on the swings at my friends house when I was 7. I remember climbing and falling out of trees when I was 12. I remember meeting twenty-one-year-olds when I was 14 and thinking ‘wow you’re TWENTY ONE?!?! That is SO OLD! You must really have your life together.’


8 years later I’m en route to Auckland, New Zealand in a whirlwind of emotion realizing I definitely don’t have it figured out just because I’m in my twenties. Actually if I could tell my 14-year-old self anything it would be “don’t be surprised when your life is completely up in the air at 22”  (no pun intended). yt5nt.gifNot having your life set-in-stone in your twenties might be the most freeing and exciting part of it all. Opportunity is waiting for you to unwind your 10 year life plan. It’s always a smart idea to figure out the next step or have a plan B but make sure your plan involves your passion. Spend time doing things you love, learning about things that inspire you, finding things that motivate you to become the best version of yourself; and then become an expert at them. Challenge yourself to grow outside of your comfort zone. Create a portfolio of skills and experience for ‘making moves’ later in life. Find your niche, and do it.

I can still think back to my first day of college. My parents came up to Oswego State to help me move into my shoe box dorm room, take me out to dinner and wish me luck as I tried to weave my way through college courses and earn a degree. Everyone around me was so supportive – hoping that I would succeed. After college of course I would be expected to find a great job, make a good amount of money, settle down and live a traditional happy life. What else could you ever hope for? That’s the best course of action right?

For some sure, but for all, well, maybe not. Most people will get jobs- to realize that they hate everything about what they’re doing. Start over and try again. Some will find their place from the get-go and continue on through the hierarchical structure. And few might decide to take the road less traveled and pursue non-conventional jobs and lifestyles. But, the road less traveled is scary and unknown? The more traditional paths might be safer, wiser, and well, everyone else is doing it right? What happens if I fail going off on my own? Does that make me a disappointment?

The answer is no. Sometimes it’s easy to rely on what other people think is best for us. Sure, advice is great! Especially from those who have gone before us, paving paths of wisdom to enrich our lives. However, the only person who will ever really know you, is you. What will make you happy? Google can’t answer that. Trust me I’ve tried.

yt5rb.gifLiving life and doing things that you love in your twenties isn’t easy. It’s a serious time for exploration, failure, growth and building; building your life from the ground up. Any journey starts with the first step. The pursuit of happiness is worth walking the extra mile. Unfortunately no one will be able to tell you what will make you happy. You have to find it for yourself. Let go of the fear of failure, believe in yourself, and know that in the end it will all work out.

Today I’ve become strangely excited about the fact that I have 2 more connecting flights, an 8 hour layover and about an entire day of travel time to go. I’ve never been more excited about traveling and creating things that I love. I’m currently sitting on a Qantas Boeing 747, working on brand content for a creative media house called Southsixty. They’re sick (check them out here). You never really know how things will work out but in hindsight it all comes together to fit perfectly.

I often question – how is this possibly going to work? Is this the right decision for me? Could I have done things better?

Your twenties are a scary but an exciting time to embrace opportunity, pursue happiness and find your passion.

Build your own life. Create your own story. Do more than just exist.

You are confined only by the walls you build yourself.

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