Judging a Traveler by Their Shoes

How to, or how not to, judge a person by their shoes.

While traveling you often meet a lot of people from all over the globe. Some sport sick ‘flowy’ elephant pants while others might prefer proper dress. Even if we don’t think we do, we often judge people by our first glance. However, we sometimes miss the BIGGEST ‘tell tale‘ sign of someones personality, their shoes.

1 The Birkenstock wearer. 

Birks!! Who doesn’t love these classy, unisex, everyday sandals? If you’re a Birk wearer chances are you fancy some serious city adventure but love a walk to the beach. These sandals support your world from the bottom up. You’re adventurous, a walker, or beach bum.birks

2 The ‘Sock Enthusiast’.

You’d be surprised how many people love to wear socks for shoes (should I admit I’m one?) Socks can easily become your hostel slippers, outdoor sandals, running shoes (yes you can run in socks) or shower shoes. After a long day in the socks I might advise against wearing them to bed, but in a pinch these are great. If you’re a sock enthusiast you’re probably easy going, you enjoy being comfortable and you’re not fussed by what life throws at you.

3 The Shoebie

Now you might love Birks and socks. So you’ve decided to throw them all into one. The Shoebie is an idealist because you know that ideally the sock and Birk combination covers all fronts of travel, comfort and versatility. People might hate, but they’re  just jealous that you can pull it off better than they can.


4 The Nike Free Sneaker Head

You LOVE your Nikes. I know I do. These are great for all types of activities from running, shopping, hiking you name the activity and these are probably pretty suitable. If you’re a Nike Free sneaker head you probably value fitness, or at least want to look like you do. You enjoy being comfortable and if you’re sporting some bright colors or patterns that don’t match with anything – you really don’t care what people think of you, you’re just awesome.



5 The Barefoot Nonconformist

You might have heard of the word “nefelibata” meaning (n.) lit. “cloud walker”; one who lives in the clouds of their own imagination, or one who does not obey by the conventions of society, literature, or art. (read more in Nicole’s Blog here. ) If you’re a barefoot nonconformist, you like to do your own thing and you value freedom more than anything. You like to be different, you’re easy going and you just simply can’t be bothered by shoes. You have a whole world to explore.


6 The Chaco Sandal L7

Chacos might be one of the highest rated travel shoes around. They are a really durable sandal ready to tackle all kinds of terrain. If you own a pair of these you are incredibly practical, but maybe not be so concerned about fashion. You really don’t mind how you look because you are too busy exploring beaches, bush, rocks, hiking and cities. If your parents advise you on a pair however, you really should bring them 😉


7 The Converse Hipster

The best all-rounder sneaker style around. Converse can take you from church to the club. If you own and cherish your converse you don’t mind getting kicked around by life and neither do your shoes. You’re taking these babies road tripping, camping, on dates; you name it they’re there. If your a travel converse wearer you’re ready to live life in the fast lane.




Shoes speak louder than words.

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