I Found Neverland


Once upon a time, there was a world where opportunity flourished, imagination ran wild and boundaries were limitless. 2016-05-12 19.51.04

When I was 10 I’d visit this place; an island in the middle of nowhere surrounded by the bluest waters you’ve never actually seen. This place mesmerized me with the chance to escape, the desire for freedom and the possibility to create. Every night while my parents slept, I would travel there in my dreams- to soon be awoken by a harsh reality. I was told that ‘Neverland’ didn’t actually exist and Peter Pan wasn’t going to fly me there. Wait. Hold up.

They lied to me, and I believed it.

12 years later I’ve come to find that ‘Neverland’ does exist – for the bold, the daring and the fearless. For those looking for something more. For the dreamers, the believers and the creators.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone, and so does Neverland.

Neverland is a place, unique to each and every person. It’s built on ambition, perseverance, and optimism. It’s a place that you construct. A place that you choose. A place that you fill with people, places and things. It’s the world that you create for yourself.

Helen Keller once said;

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”

Neverland is a never-ending project and you’re the master architect. The people you trust with your designs are your team; your friends, your family. These people will encourage you to be the best possible version of yourself. The places on your blueprints will  instill wonder and awe by opening your eyes to how amazing our world is. The objects that surround you will mirror your unique passions, talents and gifts because you are truly one of a kind. Lastly, the most important tools you will use to build your world are gratitude, humility, kindness, diligence and patience.

I look back on my glory days as a ’90’s kid’. It’s amazing how a child’s mind maps the world. They are not enthused by money, power or glory. Instead they enjoy vibrant colors, harmonic sounds, exciting games, human interaction and the opportunity for growth. If you ask a child what he or she would like to be ‘when they grow up’, you might hear things like an ‘astronaut’, ‘professional basketball player’, ‘teacher’ or my favorite – ‘super hero’. The best part is, they say it with such confidence; like, YES THIS IS WHAT I’M DOING WITH MY LIFE, I’LL SEE YOU ON MARS. THANKS!?

These children dream about running with the ‘Lost Boys’ and ‘Tinkerbell’, owning nothing but the clothes on their back, using adventure as their fuel. They let their spirits fly into a world of endless possibility – where their souls never age and imagination is their strength.

Life is one daring adventure, or nothing at all.

Years begin to pass and these children leave the “Neverland” that they were told didn’t exist. They grow up, settle for mediocrity or what everyone else thinks is best for them. They lose faith in the dreams they once had; or even worse – they start to believe that dreams are really just dreams anyways. They begin to lose confidence in their vision. They think that their life is a mess and they’re as confused as Wendy was when she first saw Peter Pan.

Dreams are more than ‘just dreams’. They encompass everything that you are – all of your passions, hobbies, ideas and everything that you have ever wanted to become. Dreams are as real as the Neverland you create with them. Neverland isn’t about ‘never growing up’, but instead ‘never losing sight of what you love, who you are and what you want out of life.’

It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it. Create your world by learning to play that instrument you enjoy. Discover your spiritual life. Improve your skills at that sport you’ve always wanted to be good at. Surround yourself with positive people. Chase that career you’re passionate about. Fall in love for the right reasons. Make sacrifices for other people.  Weed out the negativity in your life and wake up to really LIVE. #DoMore

What you think you create. Build a life you don’t need to escape from.


Next time someone tries to tell you that Neverland is just some far-away fantasy world; just smile and laugh. That fantasy world is your today. Create something great.



[ A post inspired by one of the best; Marianna Maliani (leader of the lost boys). Thank you for continuing to inspire me by living life to the fullest]



4 thoughts on “I Found Neverland

  1. This is AWESOME…I am so happy that you get it..the other day someone asked me “Why are you so happy” and I said that we only get one chance at this time on earth and I’m going to give it my best eveyday and really live…free of fear….free of judgement…free of worry and truly be free.You keep going…set your sail and let the wind take you where it will and you will be in the place you are supposed to be.May God bless you everyday and keep letting us in on your journey…


  2. Really inspiring to see someone who can fully embrace the idea of pushing boundaries and comforts in order to exist in the world they want to see. I think in doing so, and in sharing that experience, you certainly have the capacity to inspire the same in others. Love the blog, keep up the awesome work.


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