Strange Places You Sleep While Backpacking

If you have decided to Backpack you probably have some unique outlooks on life especially when it comes to prioritizing the things that are most important for your survival. For some unwarranted reason, you might have prioritized the “French Riviera” or the “John Lennon Wall” above sleeping; which could explain why you might find yourself passing out in some weird places.


Here’s my list of favorite places to sleep and why…


Creepy Hostels.

These can make for some interesting experiences, but are easy to avoid if you plan a little in advance thanks to Hostel World reviews! Unfortunately I wasn’t always the best of planners and got stuck in some real gems. Amenities included but were not limited to: REALLY slow wi-fi, dead power outlets, horror film walls, custodial staff without teeth, caving shower floors, and weird delusional old guys giving me tips on how to build an underground bunker.

Cheap Hotels

Every now and then I would splurge on some cheap hotels, get my own room and SLEEP. They were’t the most luxurious of places but every now and then you really need to open your backpack, figure out what’s still left in it, repack and relax.


Nice Hostels

Some of the hostels I stayed in for $20/night you could have confused for 3 star hotels. These places had large community rooms, nice kitchens, free walking tours, group activities and organized nights out. (Check out Hostel One Home in Prague, and make sure they take you to the “Puma Bar” with an actual Puma). I met some of the coolest and most interesting people chatting it up downstairs or in my dorm room (hi if you guys are reading this!).I typically shared the cheapest rooms available in 6-12 person mixed dorms.


Overnight Coach Buses

These tickets are a great buy if you can find one going to your next destination. You get transport, a place to sleep and you save travel time; who has it better than you? Try your best to find a double seat though if you are looking to catch some zzz’s. Also keep in mind, as the bus fills, you can ensure a better sleep by wearing a beanie, sunnies or sweatshirt over your face. Typically no one will bother you to move.



Trains work best for an afternoon snooze unless you’ve booked an overnight trip with a bed. Sometimes however, even if you aren’t intending it, trains can be a luxury comfort you might not be accustomed to and you’ll pass out without even knowing what hit you. Just try not to miss your stop.


Airport Benches

One of the most economical ways to sleep is in the airport. While it’s definitely not the most glamorous, its functional and you don’t have to worry about missing your flight. I recommend booking flights as early as possible so airport security doesn’t bother you and you’re out early in the morning. This also gives you the opportunity to maximize your time in a city and gives you until 5 am aprox to find your way to the airport and nap. Word of caution- secure all your valuables on you somehow so no one steals them while you’re snoozing.



Couches are much more comfortable than airport benches and you can easily cozy up with the towel you packed and a sweatshirt-pillow. BIG SHOUT OUT to all the friends who hooked me up with their couches and free showers! You guys ROCK! [Meet Mous]

Cool Looking Huts (Trulli)

Every now and then you might stumble upon a unique place with some really interesting housing options. You should really take advantage of these opportunities especially if they are considered a World Heritage UNESCO Site.

Friend’s & Fam’s Places (if you’re lucky)

This was a huge highlight of my time in Europe. I cannot begin to explain how much fun I had meeting up with old friends, making new ones and visiting family in Poland& Italy! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone who offered me hospitality while I was there. You all have to come back and visit me so I can do the same 🙂 XO


Sleep less & dream more.