How to Road Trip With No “Ragrets” [Australia Edition]

Are we there yet? God I’m hungry; PB&J? “Oil light went on again”… nothing beats life on the road. Watch our trip here.

“All good things are Wild & Free.”

First and foremost

Get your hands on an awesome, obnoxious car that SCREAMS I AM A TOURIST…people might be more forgiving when they see you driving on the “right” side of the road.


Learn how to sleep in weird awkward places and don’t be too offended when you get kicked out of the McDonald’s parking lot at 2am.


Bring Peanut Butter, skip the Vegemite …trust me on this one.


When in desperate need of Wifi, stop at the one place that it doesn’t exist.


Figure out how to cook on a portable stove while covering yourself in raw chicken.

20140926_182753 - Copy

Eat out of pots and pans as often as you can.

20141001_161700 - Copy

Try weird looking fruits that you find at a local market. The carsickness will be worth it.

20141004_120335 - Copy

…and if you find a “Jackfruit” it tastes like hubba bubba…

20141004_115607_Richtone(HDR) - Copy

Get stung by the coral reef while taking selfies.


Meet up with friends 1,000 miles away from home.


Pay attention to the road signs, they are much more interesting than the actual road.


Sing every song on your ipod until it dies. (Waves is always a good option)


Stop at every. beach. that. you. see…


…Even if that means a stop every 5 minutes.


Make coffee and petrol your two best friends.

20141003_152534 - Copy

Nap by the ocean.

20141004_110428 - Copy

Learn weird facts about your travel buds.

20141002_212445 - Copy

Watch for Cassowarys. You will lose when ‘big bird meets your bumper’.


Talk to the locals about the sand dunes. Don’t wear sneakers unless you really like the sand between your toes.


Take A LOT of great photos.


Go out on a boat and relax.


When your first rental runs out, rent another.

20141002_172630 - Copy

Wake up to the sunrise on the beach.


 Meet Tom.


Soak up the SUN.

20141004_110225 - Copy

Park your car in the middle of nowhere and turn it into a home movie theater. (Make sure to download movies other than American Horror Story …but then again, sleep is for the weak.)


Most importantly…Enjoy the ride and try not to get kicked out of the airport on your way home. “I swear we have parents that love us.”